Best Value Adding Activities in Business and in Life


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What do leaders do every day to add value to their businesses and lives?


You’re doing a good job managing your busy schedule. But there are moments when you feel like you could do an even better job if you knew how to improve the way you manage the day.

So you start reading books. And you get some ideas that sometimes work, sometimes not that much.

But there is still this nagging question:

What do others do?

We have solved that one for you. We have asked several business leaders and entrepreneurs (19, to be precise) these 2 questions:

A. What is the activity that you do on a regular basis that adds value to your company?

B. What is the activity that you do on a regular basis that adds value to your life?


They will be talking about business development, understanding the needs of their customers, networking, reading, learning, improving themselves so they can better improve their business, “me” time, family time, quiet time, “off-the-grid” time, health, balance, and, quite unexpected from busy people, physical exercise.

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