Slow Down to Power Up

Slow Down to Power Up


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To all our busy, successful but tired friends who inspired this article. We hope you will understand why it is possible to be successful without being exhausted!


After reading this article, we hope you will become aware of the risks of a bad management of your energy. We provide some suggestions that you can implement right away with good results, but as long as you are not commited to a sustainable change, all the advice in the world is useless.



Counting Ship

The Story of My Life


15 Tips for a Good Sleep

How Much More Tired Can You Get

Everybody Has 10 Minutes Somewhere During the Day

Before You Go



Counting Ship


AFTER YET ANOTHER RESTLESS NIGHT, waking up more tired than the evening before, I have decided that it’s about time to change something. Too tired, too stressed, too many things left unfinished from yesterday’s to-do list, and all of the sudden, as Jules Verne says, sleep becomes “the friend who keeps you waiting”.

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