10 Things Only Frequent Business Travellers Understand

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When you start travelling for work, the first business trip can be quite intimidating. And so is the second, the third, and the next. The business trip can also be something to look forward to (a change of scenery can be invigorating, the chance to meet new colleagues, to discuss interesting issues, etc).


Those who are frequent business travellers understand this differently


And the 10 things that only they understand were written to elicit a smile from their side and also give them material to show their less frequent business traveller friends and family who still think that the phrase “He is on business trip” (or she is on business trip) sounds glamorous.


1. You can pack a one week suitcase in 15 minutes max without a “business trip packing list”.

Yes, there are people who search for those lists. And Google has 1,820,000 results for business trip packing list.

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