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Interview with a Buzzfinder - Nicole Picthall - The Busy Lifestyle


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Our guest today, Nicole Picthall, is a “Buzzfinder” and she shares her advice about navigating a busy life and still enjoying what you’re doing. In 2011, she founded Lobotobee to help people find their buzz – because when they’re buzzing, their creative thinking capacity has no limits, they’re drawn to the challenge of finding solutions and they turn into the best experts your company could ever have.


Remember what truly matters to you and don’t give anything priority over that, long term. As long as you see those friends that make you laugh, make time for those guitar lessons that help you improve your talent, stay true to your values and get enough sleep, you’re on the right track.


What can you tell us about yourself? What are the most interesting events or maybe career changes that you can link back to what you are doing now? 

I am Nicole Picthall and I like to call myself a “buzzfinder”. I am the founder of Lobotobee (and the story of how that name came to be could make up for a whole new article). My mission is to help teams and individuals find their buzz – that wonderful feeling that you get when your mind is free of all intrusion and you can creatively look for solutions. Whether it is created between two people or by bouncing ideas around in a team or even a crowd, feeling that buzz is super satisfying because you know you’re in the process of creating a better way forward for yourself and everyone involved… and that’s exciting.

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