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There is an abundance of successful entrepreneur stories in the news lately.

But they forget to mention the effort and the personal investment in making the story a success.

We invited a real entrepreneur and asked her to tell us her real entrepreneur story. We wanted to know what inspires her as an entrepreneur, what inspires her entrepreneurial journey.

Florence Grocq started her first company, Le Canard Gourmand (The Gourmet Duck – isn’t that a nice name?) 5 years ago, to bring fine food from South West of France to Switzerland.

The second company, NatureJoy, was founded last year. It creates delicious and healthy fruit and vegetable juices mainly from the regional organic products from Valais in Switzerland.

With two young companies to manage on a daily basis, Florence sure knows a thing or two about what it means to be busy.

One of those entrepreneur stories where we keep it real: the life of an entrepreneur is great, but it also has its challenges.

And living a healthy life when we are too busy thinking about the next step is something that we all have to keep in mind.

Real life entrepreneur stories.


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