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Extensive choice of high quality content on personal improvement and leadership. Real world and pragmatic. Very easy to search, too. I access it on a regular basis during my commute. I'm looking forward to the regular notifications I receive when new content is added.

– Anthony I.

I like the idea of reading different points of view on the same subject. The authors have such a diverse experience and this only adds to the value of the content in this library. I also like the fact that I can cherry pick the content I want to read and that if I haven't finished reading everything in one month (there's so much content, you have to be a speed reader to finish reading everything in a month) the old content is still available the following month. And then some more.

– Brian M.


The content is professional, well organized and easy to read. However, it's not “easy reading”. On the contrary, the thought-provoking articles force me turn off the auto-pilot and search for ways to improve the way I lead.

– Clare W.

Our premium content will help you to:


Explore and unlock your human potential

Develop your soft skills and your leadership skills

Learn how to become more efficient and stress less

Discover practical ways to balance work and life

Add a layer of personal fulfillment to your professional success

Learn how to build highly performing teams

Learn how to improve the morale, culture and performance of your team

Access the knowledge and experience of highly successful executive coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs

Structure your learning so you can learn more and faster

Improve. Every. Single. Day.

When you join you will get:


  • Exclusive Member Access to The Busy Lifestyle Library and Archives
  • 8+ hours reading time equivalent of new content added every month
  • Cancel any time
  • Exclusive access to the experience of best in class executive coaches
  • Exclusive Member Discounts to our events
  • Leaders and entrepreneurs share their personal and professional experience in building and developing businesses and teams
  • Book reviews and book recommendations
  • Mobile Phone/Device access
  • How-to, training and best practice guides
  • Exclusive Member Discounts to our partners' events


Frequently Asked Questions:


What do I get with my Library subscription?

You get unlimited access to our entire library of content, including all past content and all content to be released. There aren’t “levels” of library subscription and the articles in the library don’t cycle out of availability. You read whatever you want, whenever you want on your phone, tablet, or computer. 

Is there a minimum number of months I have to commit to?

No. If you like you can subscribe for one month and cancel your subscription at any time. You’ll get access through the end of the current billing cycle. We do offer an annual plan which provides you with a discount ($49.99 instead of $59.88. With an annual subscription you get 2 month for free).

Can I really learn about self-improvement and leadership on the computer?

Yes, you can. Studies have shown that online education can provide a superior learning experience as opposed to on-site classes. There are a variety of advantages to learning with The Busy Lifestyle Library.

  • You read and learn on your own schedule
  • Learn wherever you are from the subway to the gym and in your home
  • Learn from the top instructors (most of whom do not teach in person)
  • Get more actual lecture hours than any university or school program
  • At $4.99 per month there’s no reason you need to choose one over another. Continue with whatever in-person classes or learning sessions you’re already attending on top of your Library subscription.

Did I really hear $4.99 per month?

Absolutely. Our monthly Premium plan starts at $4.99/month billed monthly.  We set out to democratize the art of self-improvement and leadership by offering unlimited access to hundreds of hours of superior instruction from some of the world’s best coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs for a small fraction of the cost of other classes. We don’t believe you should have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get an amazing education.

Really? $4.99? I spend 10 times that on gas.

Yes! Tell your friends and help us grow!

How does mobile device access work?

Your library subscription allows you to read the content from all mobile devices such smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and more. 

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds once you pay for a subscription.

Do you have a Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy?

Yes. You can find our Terms and Conditions here and our Privacy Policy here.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch! We want you to find the best resources for your personal and professional development at the best possible price.

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